These are the main key-words to describe the new Dario Scapitta Design MONOLITE collection.

Inspired by stones, the MONOLITE collection captures the essence of these natural elements. Underlining their power and force, their eternal connection with the Nature and the ORIGIN of the Hearth.

Each element of the MONOLITE collection is recognizable for its SIMPLICITY. Single and smoothed shapes which are hiding their powerful secrets.

The materials are a mix of rough metallic surfaces, glossy enamels and a continue connection between outside and inside.

A PURENESS of contrasts creates an abstract effect which appears always modern, contemporary and elegant.


 MONOLITE collection… back to the ORIGIN of PURENESS and SIMPLICITY.


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Collection M.01

Pendant - Ring


Collection M.02

Pendant - Ring


Collection M.03

Pendant - Ring

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