The Extravaganza concept collection is a modern interpretation of the ancient ruffs used primarily in the XVI and XVII centuries. I thought to transform those decorations for clothes in a piece of jewellery. I was especially inspired by the old portrait paintings where you can see different kind of this ruffs made with a lot of precious details. My intention was to simplify those ruffs to create an elegant high fashion jewel using a completely new and contemporary material and production method.




This necklace is made using 3d printing technology, the piece is built in one piece layer by layer. The first prototype was printed in nylon but to allow more flexibility, especially when it have to be worn, I've decide to print them with a new rubber-like material that it was already used to produce high fashion clothes.





This project started on January 2013 in Enschede. A first prototype of the combined armband was showed for the first time at the Rapid 2013 3d print fair in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Collier and armband will be also showed during the 3D PrintShow in London and Paris on November 2013.





Review of ancient paintings and contemporary interpretation of ruffs in fashion design. Analysis of the possible connections between jewelry, body ornament and clothe decorations. My research is focused to find new links between jewelry and fashion design.






The main challenge was to design a neck piece that was able to have a regal and elegant mood as the ancient ruffs but with a new modern and contemporary design. Also very important is to use the right material, that it needs to be flexible and light.


The entire collection is 3d printed in rubber-like material in collaboration with i.materialise.


Watch the EXTRAVAGANZA concept collection at the 3D Print Show in Paris